About Us

The Festival came about because of the wealth of talent in our villages. It has one aim – to provide people with two weeks of enjoyment during which we can meet each other, try something new and generally feel part of the community. In 2010, more than 8,000 people came to well over sixty different events which is a pretty good indication of success! We are exceedingly grateful for the support and enthusiasm of so many people who help us in so many ways.

Hurstpierpoint Festival Committee

2015 Festival Committee: Simon Anckorn, Caroline Bates, Ian Deeley, Lucy Driver, David Hughes, Guy Lovegrove, Colin Matthews (Chair), Shaughan Parish, Ray Traynor, Steph Traynor, Steve Whitehead and Hazelle Woodhurst

Friends Secretary and Box Office Manager: Zoe Deeley

Minutes Secretary: Mary Matthews

Trustees: Derick Bostridge, Margaret Carey, David Gold, Claire Levin, Michel Olszewski (Chair), Shaughan Parish and Bob Sampson

Company Secretary: Barry Budibent

How did it all start?

Way back in 2003, a couple of people had an idea! Both had been members of the Parish Council and both had lived in Hurst for many years and recognised what an extraordinarily vibrant and talented community it is. They gathered a few more people together and decided to hold a one-day 'taster festival' in May 2004 in the Village Centre, with drama, music, singing, children's performances - everything that could be packed into a relatively short time-span. It was a resounding success with over 500 people attending during that one day.

Based on this enthusiasm and the energy generated by that one day, planning started almost at once for a full length festival and, to avoid clashes with other festivals, September was chosen as a suitable month. A committee was formed well, there has to be one - but it's a very informal affair, meeting over a few bottles of wine in various houses and occasionally pubs! The first two-week festival was held in September 2005 and we've been going ever since with an amazing range of events put on every year.

We can't do it without all the fantastic support we get from helpers, sponsors and businesses. It takes thousands of hours of work to put together a programme of something like 70 events over the fortnight and we do our best to provide something for everyone. As soon as one Festival ends, we start on the next one, so if you've an idea for next year, and would like to work with us, please get in touch.

Hurst Festival Committee