The Longevity Kitchen Pop-up Restaurant

17th Sep 2021

The Longevity Kitchen Pop-up Restaurant Event Image

Event Fee: £35.00
Event Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Doors Open: 6:45 pm
Location: Northwick House, Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9NP

The Longevity Kitchen is a celebration of areas of the world in which inhabitants live well into their later years.

This pop up event serves up a 3 course plant-based meal bursting with nutrients. The event is not only about delicious food but also other aspects of life which keep us healthy community, solidarity and village life.

We have room for 20 guests.

As this is all about community you may find yourself on a table with other village folk. This event is about making social connections while discovering the types food eaten in 'Longevity Hot Spots' of the world.

With over 10 years of Nutritional experience, local Nutrition Consultant Belle Amatt will be talking us through the menu and Tanya Scorer, creator of amazing food will be orchestrating the menu. The food is 'plant-based' (entirely meat free), so come prepared for a feast based on plants, but containing dairy and gluten, in keeping with the traditional way of eating found in the Blue Zones (Longevity Hot Spots) of the world.
(note, we can accommodate foodie preferences but will need notice). 

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