Belle's Longevity Kitchen Sessions

15th Sep 2020

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Event Time: 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Location: Watch via the link below on the Hurst Festival YouTube channel. REMEMBER ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

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With a focus on Longevity, her specialised subject, Belle is bringing you 2 evening plant-based creative cooking sessions.

On the 15th Sept we have Pad Thai with a home-made crunchy peanut sauce. This dish is a veganized twist on the classic Thai noodle dish as we use tofu and soya beans to pick up the protein content while retaining those familiar flavours of chilli, lime, sesame and garlic.

On the 22nd Sept it is curry night. We will be using aubergine as our principle ingredient to try our hand at creating a Southern Indian baked aubergine dish which sits perfectly alongside a zingy salad, chapati and a side dish of spiced roasted chickpeas.

Peanut and Tofu Pad Thai – serves 2 Based on a recipe by Meera Sodha


For Pad Thai Sauce
• 3 tbsp crunchy peanut butter
• 2 tbsp tamarind paste
• 1 tbsp runny honey
• 2 tbsp soy sauce
• 2 tbsp fresh lime juice
• 2 tbsp water

Other ingredients:
• 250 g tender stem broccoli
• 115 g firm tofu (I use Blue Dragon, firm silken style)
• 2 plump cloves of garlic, crushed
• 1.5 cm piece of root ginger
• 1⁄2-1chilli,finelysliced
• 1 small carrot peeled into slithers
• 125 g spelt or rice noodles
• 3 spring onions
• 2 tbsp sesame seeds
• Few sprigs of fresh basil
• Large handful offresh mint leaves
• Lime wedges to serve

Step 1 – make the sauce
Put crunchy peanut butter (3 tbsp), tamarind paste (1 tbsp) and honey (1 tbsp) into a bowl. Slowly mix in soy sauce (2 tbsp), lime juice (1.5 tbsp) and 2 tbsp water.

Step 2 – trim the tender-stem broccoli (200g)
Place florets into a bowl. Chop stalks and leaves into 1 cm pieces

Step 3 – prep garlic, ginger, chillies and tofu. Place within easy reach of the hob

Step 4 – cook noodles (125g) according to packet instructions, rinse under cold water, drain and drizzle with a tbsp of rapeseed oil, toss gently in your hands

Step 5 – fry the tofu – in a large non-stick pan (needs a lid) heat 1 tbsp of rapeseed oil on a medium high flame.
Fry tofu for 5 minutes, turn every minute until pale gold. Add ginger, garlic and chilli and cook for 2 minutes.
Add broccoli stalks and 2 tbsp of water. Cover pan and steam for 2 minutes until broccoli is tender.
Add broccoli florets, sauce and spring onions (reserve a handful for the garnish)
Stir to combine, cover and leave for 2 minutes.
Turn heat down, add noodles and gently mix in until coated in the sauce.
Turn off heat. Serve onto 2 plates and sprinkle over sesame seeds and spring onions.
Drizzle with sesame oil, scatter over herbs, add a generous squeeze of lime. Best served immediately.

Belle is a nutrition consultant working from West Sussex. She works on a 1-1 with clients and in groups facilitating nutrition and lifestyle change, menu creation for event companies, pop up events and organising nutrition-based cleansing holidays and workshops in Sussex and Gozo (Malta).

Belle also lectures in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and Brighton, supervising clinics and hosting CNM Short courses.

Belle’s research and topic focus is Longevity living, using research from areas of great health and centenarian hotspots to promote and deliver optimal health strategies.

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