Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition

12th-27th Sep 2020

Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition Event Image

Location: Link to the exhibition will become live during Festival dates. REMEMBER ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

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Under 15 years
Over 15 years

Nature photography provides us with an opportunity of capturing the beauty and diversity of what nature has to offer.

Send us your nature photographs – yours could be a competition winner!

You don't need an expensive camera.

Remember, it is you that decides to take the picture and the camera simply records the photo.

You can use any available camera and remember that a photo taken on a mobile phone could be a winner!

This is a nature photography competition and we ask that the photos submitted should observe the following rules:

• the subject can be anything from nature bird, animal, insect, flower etc.
• it must be something found in the natural world
• photos of pets or animals in captivity are not allowed.

When you have chosen your favourite photo, you need to give it a title, add your name, and state if you are under 15 or 15+.

Send your photo to or add it to our facebook page.

All photos will be exhibited on here on our website and also on our facebook page

The under 15 winner will receive an A3 print of your photo.

The 15+ winner will receive am A3 print of your photo plus the opportunity to have a tutorial with Nature Photographer Viv Nicholas (whose photo of a Robin is used here) connected with an aspect of your choice connected with Nature photography.

Deadline for emailed entries is Saturday September 26th 6pm

All entries will displayed on our website and the winner will be announced on our website, at 3pm on 27th September 2020.

Viv Nicholas (Judge) -

Following retirement, involvement in worldwide travel, resulted in a developing interest in photography and especially in wildlife photography. Consequently, over the last 12 years, wildlife photography has been pursued in every continent across the world. Favourite locations include: Kenya the Antarctic Hungary and Finland. The UK also has some excellent photographic opportunities both locally in Sussex as well as the remote areas of Scotland and Wales.

All my landscape and wildlife photographs represent the desire to capture the moment where wildlife or the natural environment inspired me to take each photograph.

Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition Event Image

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