Sunday Home Retreat - let your home become a retreat

13th Sep 2020

Sunday Home Retreat - let your home become a retreat Event Image

Event Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Watch via the link below on the Hurst Festival YouTube channel. Link will become live moments before the event starts. REMEMBER ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

Link to Virtual Event

Clear your diary or Sunday 13 September and let your home become a retreat haven.

As we come out of a very difficult time, Hurst Festival is delighted to be collaborating with Interiors by Georgie to offer you and your loved ones a very special day to rest and recuperate all in the comfort of your own home.

This retreat day will start at 10am and finish at 4pm and has been uniquely crafted and curated to offer expert videos and advice to help relax and nurture you. Let us gently guide you through a wonderful day of meditation, stretch, massage and wind down.

You may learn something new or build on existing knowledge but this retreat day is open to everyone and we hope you have a wonderful experience.


Please remember that no experience is necessary for any of these sessions. We invite you to follow along at the dedicated time.

10.00 - Morning Meditation with Georgie Payne (
Come into the day fully with a mindful meditation. This is a gentle, relaxing meditation that will ready your mind and body for the day ahead.

11.00 - Yoga Stretch with Lon Gibbons (
A nurturing yoga and movement session to stretch away stiffness and reduce stress. Expect some simple exercises, or postures, along with breath awareness and a soothing guided relaxation. No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

12.30 - Lunch & Rest
This time is for you. You might like to take your lunch in a quiet space or even silently. Go slowly, savour the food you have prepared and really notice the flavours and textures of the meal and the effect that this food has on you.

2.30 - Reflexology with Jane Eaton (
You will be taken through a simple DIY reflexology routine that can be done at home on your own feet. You will be shown how specific pressure points on your feet to help detox, calm and recharge your mind and body.

4.00 - Gratitude Meditation with Georgie Payne (
The day will be rounded off with a short meditation to offer appreciation for different aspects of our lives. This is a perfect way to take you into the evening or set you up for the next Hurst Festival event.

Disclaimer: Should you be uncomfortable in any way or at any time during the day you are advised to stop or pause whatever you are doing.


In advance of the day, gather together your favourite (healthy) foods and drinks, your most heart warming smellies and launder your comfortable clothes. Spend a little time getting ready to give yourself the gift of a home retreat day.

Prepare your space so that you are comfortable and at ease. Here’s a short check list to help you get ready:

• Remember we choose how we feel. So, a wonderful attitude of a spa day is a must!
• Any tech that’s not required, turn it off.
• Tell any people living with you that this is your day and ‘do not disturb’
• A few cushions and a blanket
• An extra layer of clothing to keep you warm
• Some space so that you have room for the yoga stretches
• A yoga mat, if you have one
• Towel and some kind of massage oil for the reflexology
• Lunch and drinks to hand
• Your favourite reading materials at the ready

Please remember you will need a device of some kind laptop, ipad or phone and they’ll need to be charged ready to go.


The Hurst Festival Retreat Day will be a wonderful experience no matter what, but if you wished to deepen your experience, here are some ideas for you to try:

• Silence – you might like to enjoy your day in silence. This has a very restorative effect on our brains and bodies.
• Music & Sounds - Conversely you might like ensure that you have your favourite music to hand or a relaxing soundscape such as birdsong or water falling
• Mindful Awareness – make the most of your day with an inward focus. Try not to get too involved with what’s happening inside or outside your home but just keep with the experience you are cultivating as part of the retreat day.
• Essential Oils - choose specific essential oils that you particularly like to diffuse in your home.
• You may like to have a pen and paper to hand to note down anything that comes up physically or emotionally.
• Between videos you might like to read or rest, dance or bathe! This is your retreat day, so please feel free to do whatever serves you best.


Sunday Home Retreat - let your home become a retreat Event Image
Sunday Home Retreat - let your home become a retreat Event Image

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