Hurst Open Studios

Hurstpierpoint Open Studios began in 2003, with a group of 8 artists across 6 locations. In 2019, this had grown to 26 artists in 15 locations throughout Hurstpierpoint.

We are lucky to have a good mix of local talent, offering a varied range of arts, from painting to sculpture, stained glass to knitting, projects from reclaimed wood to recycled materials.  

Many of us are not able to open our doors this year so we hope you enjoy the next best thing – a virtual experience.

Annette Street

Annette designs and makes very wearable, affordable sterling and recycled fine silver jewellery.

She uses a range of different fabrication techniques, often incorporating precious and semi-precious beads and pearls, and often makes one off or small batches of specific designs.

Initially trained in precious metal clay (PMC), Annette has also completed college and in-person training with professional silversmiths.

Claire Grose

Claire’s stunning oil paintings originate in the inspirational nature of light within the landscape and seascape. Influenced by Turner and Sisley.

Claire spends as much time as she can walking or running with her dog in the beautiful South Downs countryside that surrounds her home, and inspiration often strikes during these expeditions. She will usually start working on the composition outdoors on location, creating small tonal sketches, pastels or small oils which she brings back to her garden studio to use as reference material and ideas to build on.

As well as painting on location near her Sussex home, Claire has travelled in the UK and further afield – particularly exploring the rugged North Devon coast and the disparate Atlantic seascapes of Western France – in search of inspiration.

“I want to describe in my paintings how I feel about nature surrounding me. I spend time studying and immersing myself in the landscape and then respond to this in my chosen art. In my work I aim to represents an emotional response to what I see and many of my paintings have a strong sense of calm.”

Clare Marsh 

I have been hand knitting since I was 8 years old but due to rsi problems with my hands I had to reduce the amount I could do. So I turned to my old knitting machine which I have had over 20 years. I am able to offer small items, using yarn from my stash or that which I have been given or picked up from charity shops. It is lovely to be able to create something from yarn that was unwanted  or discarded.

Please email me or call if you are interested in any items 

01273 834897

Price list
  • Long hand warmers               £6.50 pair
  • Thumbed Mitts                        £6.50 pair
Machine knitted, hand sewn up
  • Baby mittens – £4.50 pair
  • Baby Bootees – £4.50 pair
  • Garden seat pads – £5.00 each
  • Phone/bottle holders – £5.00 each
  • Phone cases with flap – £4.50 each
  • Santa/pixie boot/stocking decorations – £1.00 each
  • Catnip mice – £1.50 each

I am happy to post items if you contact first for postage price. Or collection by prior arrangement.  Cash or cheque accepted.

Happy browsing and hope you enjoy the virtual festival!!

Hazel Ranger


Facebook Page:- Hazel Ranger

I was born and raised in Horsham where I trained to be a detail draughtswoman.

Having made Hurstpierpoint my home over 30 years ago, on retirement I was able to commit more time to fulfill my long term hobby of painting.

Having had no formal training I pursued my interest by attending classes and workshops and subsequently exhibited at local exhibitions.

I mainly paint in watercolour but enjoy experimenting using different mediums and textures.

Jenny Hawkes

Rugs and Cushions :

Aprons, Oven Gloves, Peg Bags, Mats and other colourful and useful items:

Soft toys:

Bags, pouches and cosmetic wipes:

Shopping totes and shoulder bags:

Stools and seating repairs:

Paintings and cards:

Miscellaneous: Journal Covers and Brooches:

My name is Jenny Hawkes (some of you may know me by my previous name of Jenny Letton) and I have been part of the Hurstpierpoint Open Studios for a number of years. My house has always been known as The Cake House, in College Lane, and this year I am joining forces with my friend and embroiderer Vivienne Bartlett to offer lots of different things made by the two of us.

Instead of actually opening my house in these uncertain times, I am extending an invitation to anyone who wants to take a closer look to get in touch and arrange a visit; this could be outside (weather permitting) or in doors depending on restrictions in place at the time. For those wanting to purchase on line, some of my items (but not all by any means) can be purchased from my Etsy shop.

I make many different things, but am particularly interested in using recycled fabrics to create all kinds of items – mostly of a practical nature but some just for fun. My source of materials is varied: donations from friends, gifts from strangers who are clearing out, clothes and linens given me or from charity shops. During lockdown I was able to indulge both passions by making gowns for care homes from recycled duvet covers as well as hospital scrubs and children’s gowns from new materials.

In addition to sewing, I make simple beaded jewellery, rejuvenate chairs and stools with rush, cane or cord seats, make lots of homemade jam and chutney and, when I get a chance, paint the odd picture or two.

Below are pictures of a selection of my work, some of which you will find in my Etsy shop and others you can see either by visiting me at a prearranged time. To book a visit email or call on 01273 834703. I also take commissions. 

My Etsy shop:



Kate Harries

I have been lucky to be part of Hurstpierpoint Open Studios and the Festival for the last three years. It has been a delight to share my paintings with the local community and I shall miss seeing the familiar faces who come back each year. 

I have a selection of my work on my website and in Gallery 92 on the High street.  I am delighted  to undertake special commissions for an individual gift.

I primarily paint in oil on canvas, board and paper. Forever drawn to the skies and light over the Downs, I aim to capture an emotional response to the landscape and a passing moment in time.



Lucille Cuss

I have been living in Hurstpierpoint for 53 years and taken part in the open studios a few times now, it would be a shame not to do something this year.

I was hoping to be very productive as have had lots of time on my hands. What’s happened is the exact opposite!!

If you would like to contact me my email address is

Mary Faux Jackson

Mary is a print-maker and water-colourist. She is mainly a plein  aire artist, with a studio in Hurstpierpoint, and her work is reflected in her country surroundings.

Her phone is 01273835765 and Email is       

Natasha Holmes

Pamela Holmes

I have lived in Hurstpierpoint for the last 31years and have been part of the Hurstpierpoint open studios since 2010.

 I make stained glass ornaments using the copper foil method, often known as ‘Tiffany style’, making pieces in this way means they can be more intricate.  Many of the stained glass hangings are made from my own designs, taking their influence from the garden and wildlife, with the occasional inanimate object thrown in.

I also take taster classes which last 2 hours and you come away with a heart you have made yourself. 



Facebook: glassfollies

Rob Lamont

Today, in an age with pictures everywhere, every photographer tries to create an image of something new or different to capture the attention of the viewer. This challenge keeps me trying to find new ways to show wildlife in its environment. I have had the privilege of taking trips to some far flung places to capture some of my shots, but I have also had many memorable photography experiences closer to home here in Sussex. 

Although I became interested in photography in childhood, my passion for it was reignited when I purchased my first ‘proper’ digital camera in 2014. Initially I explored different genres of photography, but quickly my fascination with the natural world came to be the focus of my work. My photography now gives me the excuse to experience wild places, and the privilege of being out in nature, observing wildlife on its terms.

I have really enjoyed sharing my photos at both the 2018 & 2019 Hurst Open Studios events, and although it’s not possible to share them in the same setting this year, a small selection of my pictures can be seen here, but do visit my website to see a much wider portfolio of my work. I hope to have the chance to capture some new shots in time for the 2021 Open Studios, assuming the wildlife plays ball! 

Website Link :

Instagram :


Sheila Lea

Art has been my passion since childhood.

My background is a traditional one where good drawing skills mattered.

I have been lucky enough to have had some excellent tutors over the years and I have been a member of several Art clubs as I have moved about the country.

As a sculptor also, i have found that my weekly discipline of life drawing has helped in creating three dimensional form and vice versa.

My passion for art now embraces all types of mixed media experiments.

This exciting journey continues!

Sylvia Thornhill

I have always been very interested in Art but it was not until I retired from teaching and my children were all grown up that I was able to give more time to it.

I have many interests but this Coronavirus year and my health have taxed me and my work has been mainly in my garden which has given me so much hope and enjoyment and this has been the main area of my ‘art’!

I have done a few paintings, mainly small acrylics, a few etchings, some batik (not tried this since I did it with my class about 40 years ago) and have plans to try some ideas, with my son Mark, at pit fired pottery.

Mobile: 07864 290177

Valerie olszewski

Contact details:  07729615567


  • All watercolour wisteria (framed), parrot tulips (unframed), lilies (unframed)
  • A4 Giclee print of watercolour painting – Danny house at Lloyd George statue unveiling (unframed).
  • Watercolour Pineapple (mounted) and Spanish Fans (framed).
  • Oil painting of squash and lemons (unframed).

I paint mainly in watercolour as my form of relaxation.  I take many photographs to use as reference for future works.  Subjects are very varied.  Colour and form are my way of looking at the world around me in an inspirational way.

Viv Nicholas

Following retirement, involvement in world wide travel, resulted in a developing interest in photography and especially in wildlife photography. Consequently, over the last 12 years, I have pursued wildlife photography in every continent across the world. Favourite locations include: Kenya; the Antarctic; Hungary and Finland. The UK also provided me with some excellent photographic opportunities both locally in Sussex as well as the remoter areas of Scotland and Wales.

All my landscape and wildlife photographs represent the desire to capture the moment where wildlife or the natural environment inspired me to take each photograph.

Making presentations to Camera Clubs or other organisations enable me to share my experiences associated with wildlife photography.

Samples of my work can be seen on my website:

Contact can be made by email :

Vivienne Bartlett 

Hello, I am Vivienne Bartlett, a long time friend of Jenny Hawkes.  I am joining Jen for the first time in the open house exhibition.

I am displaying examples of my embroideries.  I have always enjoyed embroidery, both vintage and modern, and I have been embroidering since my teenage years.  I enjoy trying out new techniques and styles.  In particular, I create decorative works, pictorial and abstract to hang on the wall and on a smaller scale silk and bead brooches.

All my work is unique.  I enjoy exploring different textures, colours, materials and beading.  I have recently started weaving making small wallhangings.  Here are some illustrations of my work.  I can also take commissions.

All my work is unique.  I enjoy exploring different textures, colours, materials and beading.  I have recently started weaving making small wallhangings.  Here are some illustrations of my work.  I can also take commissions.

Please contact if you would like information or to purchase any of these items.

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