New Music Night - Xoe-B

13th Sep 2020

New Music Night - Xoe-B Event Image

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Watch via the link below on the Hurst Festival YouTube channel. REMEMBER ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

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Join us for an evening of New Music featuring young, up-&-coming musicians Finnian James, Gabriela Eva & Xoe-B, from our friends at Water Bear College and Blue Nile Management.


With a powerful and emotional voice, Xoe-B will bring you an acoustic set of fresh original music inspired by her battle with mental health and relationships. Taking influence from contemporary R&B, pop and folk music, Xoe-B’s performance has a sense of confident vulnerability which shows not only in her performance but in the lyrics themselves. She will bring you a mix of music that she has already released along with songs that will appear on her upcoming EP in 2021.

Opening with her latest single ‘Break of Dawn’ which is raising money for charity Superstar Arts, Xoe-B will bring a mix of upbeat syncopated rhythms to heartfelt and emotional ballad style songs. Xoe-B’s writing style varies from infectious pop melodies to indie-style guitar lines and branches out to folk style lyrics thorough out.

Xoe-B has been described as having a ​“unique delivery that varies from powerful chorus’, to hushed gentle lyrics and M.C. style delivery” (​Colm Tommy Cooper Sweet, Sunny Worthing editor).

Indie-folk-pop writer Xoe-B will have you replaying the infectious melodies over and over until you feel like you could perform them yourself!

New Music Night - Xoe-B Event Image
New Music Night - Xoe-B Event Image

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