Hurst Village Cinema - A Serial Killer's Guide To Life

28th Sep 2023

Hurst Village Cinema - A Serial Killer's Guide To Life Event Image

Event Fee: £8.00
Event Time: 8:00 pm
Doors Open: 7:30 pm
Location: Players Theatre, 47 High St, HBN6 9PU

Meet Lou Farnt: a 30-something, self-help addict who wants nothing more than to escape her overly controlling mother and the dead-end seaside town where she grew up.

So, when strange and strikingly confident new life coach Val suddenly arrives on the scene and invites her on a road trip of alternative therapies, Lou finds the perfect opportunity to leave, and the perfect person to become.

Unfortunately for Lou, Val just happens to be a serial killer.

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    Restricted Viewing
    Please note that between Rows C and Rows D there is a Pole in front of the seats D2 and D3, and D8 and D9. This can restrict viewing sometimes.

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