Winning the Peace

As you will have seen in the local press in the run up to the 2018 Festival, we were delighted to commission a brand new full length play “Winning the Peace” from local playwright Kevin Carey. The play was performed four times during the 2018 Festival, attended by over 300 people, and the text, nicely printed and bound, is now available for purchase for those interested. Copies cost £5 and are available by contacting the Hurst Festival team. This text has also been made available to local secondary schools.
The play celebrates the role played by Danny House in Hurstpierpoint, which hosted Prime Minister Lloyd George in 1918 and was the scene of intense discussions in the war cabinet on just what should go into the November 2018 Armistice document. 
At the opening night a reception was held, for this was a world premiere after all! Sparkling wine from Alsace was served, a poignant reference to a territory fought over bitterly and who’s future was subject to long debate after the Armistice. An invitation to the reception was extended to twin towns in France and Germany. 
It would not have been possible to mount the production and publish the play without generous support received from the European Union’s “Europe for Citizens”programme.
For more information about the play you can download the full programme below, which was produced for the performances of the play.

To purchase a copy of the script then you can get in touch here

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