Mosaic Workshop at Court Bushes Community Hub

Hurst Festival Mosaic Sign Workshop at the launch of the new Courtbushes Community Hub building.

On Saturday 1st June Hurst Festival was proud to present a free mosaic workshop for the community to make a sign for the new building.

Over 30 people helped make the mosaic. Workshop Leader Caroline Budden said, “Some people stayed and worked on an individual letter or a section. Others just added a piece or two, so they could say they had contributed. We included words letter beads that read ‘community’, ‘friendship’, ‘fun’, ‘learning‘, ‘memories‘, ‘family’, ‘dreams’, ‘hope’ etc. It was lovely. People of all ages got involved, they worked together and helped each other to get it completed in such a short time!” 

The Parish Council will erect ‘The Hub’ sign when it is varnished this week. Many thanks go to Clarion Housing for supporting the workshop

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